The Goodwill bin is now the Simple Recycling binClick here to learn what can go in the bin. It's a LOT!

There's a second bin at High Plains Community Center, near the back of the building. It can fit clothes and shoes.  

Orange gets reimbursed by the ton.  

Plastic Bags, Films & Wraps Recycling
  • TRANSFER STATION! April 2021: New shed in place. 
  • The plastic bags & wraps recycling shed is to the right of the mixed recyclables bin. If your mixed recyclables are in a plastic bag, empty items into the dumpster and put bag in the shed. 
  • Recycling bins containing PLASTIC BAGS or WRAPS will NOT be picked up. More info. 
  • Do NOT put plastic bags, packaging or wraps in your blue recycling bin. More info here: 
  • Kohl's, Target, Big Y and other stores accept plastic bags
  • See SHORT VIDEO explaining why plastic bags CANNOT go in mixed recyclable bins.
Paper Shredding and Mattress Recycling Event  Next event April 10, 2021.
More on Facebook. See press release.
Reopens Spring 2021: Hazardous Waste Disposal HazWaste Central, New Haven