The Simple Recycling trailer (previously Goodwill) is open at the transfer stationClick here to see the many items that can go in the trailer. Orange gets reimbursed $115 per ton of acceptable items. Put items in bags or boxes before placing in the trailer. NOTE: this bin is NOT for large items such as furniture, bicycles and similar. These items COST Orange money rather than contributing towards the reimbursement. 
There's also a bin at High Plains Community Center, near the back of the building. It can fit clothes and shoes.  

Plastic Bags, Films & Wraps Recycling
  • TRANSFER STATION! April 2021: New shed in place. 
  • The plastic bags & wraps recycling shed is to the right of the mixed recyclables bin. If your mixed recyclables are in a plastic bag, empty items into the dumpster and put bag in the shed. 
  • Recycling bins containing PLASTIC BAGS or WRAPS will NOT be picked up. More info. 
  • Do NOT put plastic bags, packaging or wraps in your blue recycling bin. More info here: 
  • Kohl's, Target, Big Y and other stores accept plastic bags
  • See SHORT VIDEO explaining why plastic bags CANNOT go in mixed recyclable bins.
Paper Shredding and Mattress Recycling Event  Next event October 9, 2021. 9am-noon or until the truck is full. 

Reopens Spring 2021: Hazardous Waste Disposal HazWaste Central, New Haven