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What Goes in Your Recycling Bin

Put the following items into your recycling bin. It is NOT NECESSARY to sort or tie any items. Items can be squashed if space is needed.

  • Paper – newspapers, plain paper, books/catalogs, cartons, etc.

  • Cardboard – food, shipping, and gift boxes

  • Glass – bottles, jars

  • Plastics – containers and bottles 

  • Metals – aluminum cans and foil, aerosol cans

As an alternative or in addition to using your blue bin, you can bring items to the transfer station for recycling. There are designated areas for cardboard, plastic bags, and bottles/cans/paper/glass.

See video of what happens to recyclables.

If your recycling was not picked up, the reason may be: 

  1. Non recyclables in the bin, such as plastic bags.

  2. Bin not accessible to the pick-up truck because it is too close to a vehicle, mailbox, stone wall, snow bank or telephone pole.

  3. Bin is jammed so tight that the items will not dump out when picked up by the truck. Cramming is good, but not so tight that stuff gets stuck. 

  4. Do not leave items outside the bin, driver does not get out of the truck. Items too big for your bin can be brought to the transfer station and disposed of in appropriate designated areas.


If you have questions or if your recycling wasn't picked up

call Public Works 203-891-4712.

Need to know about a specific item? Go to for what can be recycled. Type in an item and you'll learn if it’s recyclable. 

Do NOT Put in Your Bin

  • Plastic bags - grocery bags, food packaging, any type of plastic baggie. See short video explaining why plastic bags CANNOT go in mixed recyclable bins.

  • Plastic wrap - bubble wrap, packaging wrap (i.e., the wrap covering paper towels, soap, wrapping paper) - pretty much every type of plastic you can crumple in your hand! 

  • Prescription bottles or other very small bottles (these can go in #5 bin at Whole Foods when available)

Plastic bags & films go in plastics recycling shed at the Orange Transfer Station and local stores including Shop Rite, Kohl's, Best Buy, and others.

Town Cracking Down On Unauthorized Plastic Items In Recycling Bins

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