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Recycling at a Glance

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* Important - DO NOT PUT plastic bags and wraps in your recycling bin OR the "mixed recyclabes" dumpster at the transfer station.

They can go in the special shed at the transfer station or be brought to many local stores (ShopRite, Lowe’s, Best Buy, Target, Kohl’s and more). Plastic bags & wraps are any thin, malleable plastics you can crumple into a ball. 


Option - Everything that can go in your blue bin can also be recycled at the transfer station.

This is useful for those times when your bin is overflowing. Note, if dropping cardboard at the transfer station, there's a separate dumpster than the rest of the recyclables.


As you head to hopper....

  • Dumpster for cans, bottles & paper is on the left (no separating needed)

  • Dumpster for cardboard is on the right.


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