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Proper Recycling of Plastic Bags and Wraps

Do NOT Put in Your Bin

  • Plastic bags - grocery bags, food packaging, baggies/ziplocks. This may result in your bin not being emptied. 

  • Bubble wrap, packaging wrap (ie, encasing paper towels, soap, gift wrap, juice boxes, etc.) - pretty much every type of plastic you can crumple in your hand! 

Plastic bags & films go in plastics recycling shed at the Orange Transfer Station and bins at local stores including Shop Rite, Big Y, Kohl's, Home Depot, Lowe's, and others.

Plastic bags gum up the sorting machinery and therefore must not be put in recycling bins. If you have recyclables gathered into a plastic bag - dump the items into the bin and put the bag aside to recycle separately (put in the Plastic Bags & Wraps shed at the Orange Transfer Station & Recycling Center or in designated bins at grocery and big box stores). 

Town Cracking Down On Unauthorized Plastic Items In Recycling Bins

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