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Transfer Station & Recycling Center - Orange Residents Only 

Plastic Bag Recycling at the Transfer Station

  • The plastic bags & wraps recycling shed is to the right of the mixed recyclables bin. If your mixed recyclables are in a plastic bag, empty items into the dumpster and put bag in the shed. 
  • Recycling bins containing PLASTIC BAGS or WRAPS will NOT be picked up. More info. 
  • Do NOT put plastic bags, packaging or wraps in your blue recycling bin. More info here: 
  • Kohl's, Target, Big Y and other stores accept plastic bags

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To the left on way to hopper
  1. Plastic Bag Shed - for grocery, retail, & dry cleaning bags; packaging for paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, diapers, beverages, clothing, newspapers, produce, food storage, household items, etc.; shipping filler. 

  2. Mixed recyclables bin (dumpster) is next to plastic bag shed.

    • Paper – newspapers, plain paper, books/catalogs, cartons, etc.

    • Glass – bottles, jars

    • Metals - aluminum cans and foil, aerosol cans

  3. Cardboard – flattened, toss in  dumpster across from 1 & 2.

  4. Tires – hubcaps and rims removed (they go in metals area in back)

  5. Clothing and more - Simple Recycling trailer

​To the right & back
  1. Paint – Cans of house paint and primers, stains, sealers, and clear coatings (e.g., shellac and varnish). Here’s what’s accepted and how to recycle. Note – empty cans go in your recycling bin.

  2. Electronics (e-waste) – cell phones, desktop & laptop computers, monitors, tablets, routers, TVs, wires & cables. See list on Facebook. These items are strictly prohibited from the transfer station hopper.

  3. Metals – tanks and appliances, cans, tire rims & hubcaps

  4. Building materials

  5. Brush and leaves


Goodwill Trailer Near Hopper

Residents may bring used clothing, household goods and more to put in the new Goodwill trailer near the hopper, with attendants working at key times! See letter from GoodwillIn addition, people can deposit unwanted clothing and shoes into the Simple Recycling clothing & shoes bin in the back parking lot at High Plains Community Center (HPCC), anytime day or night. Orange earns $115 per ton for these items. 

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