Transfer Station & Recycling Center - Orange Residents Only 

Plastic Bag Recycling at the Transfer Station

  • The plastic bags & wraps recycling shed is to the right of the mixed recyclables bin. If your mixed recyclables are in a plastic bag, empty items into the dumpster and put bag in the shed. 
  • Recycling bins containing PLASTIC BAGS or WRAPS will NOT be picked up. More info. 
  • Do NOT put plastic bags, packaging or wraps in your blue recycling bin. More info here: 
  • Kohl's, Target, Big Y and other stores accept plastic bags

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To the left on way to hopper
  1. Plastic Bag Shed - for grocery, retail, & dry cleaning bags; packaging for paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, diapers, beverages, clothing, newspapers, produce, food storage, household items, etc.; shipping filler. 

  2. Mixed recyclables bin (dumpster) is next to plastic bag shed.

    • Paper – newspapers, plain paper, books/catalogs, cartons, etc.

    • Glass – bottles, jars

    • Metals - aluminum cans and foil, aerosol cans

  3. Cardboard – flattened, toss in  dumpster across from 1 & 2.

  4. Tires – hubcaps and rims removed (they go in metals area in back)

  5. Clothing and more - Simple Recycling trailer

​To the right & back
  1. Paint – Cans of house paint and primers, stains, sealers, and clear coatings (e.g., shellac and varnish). Here’s what’s accepted and how to recycle. Note – empty cans go in your recycling bin.

  2. Electronics (e-waste) – cell phones, desktop & laptop computers, monitors, tablets, routers, TVs, wires & cables. See list on Facebook. These items are strictly prohibited from the transfer station hopper.

  3. Metals – tanks and appliances, cans, tire rims & hubcaps

  4. Building materials

  5. Brush and leaves