July 2020! There's Hope! New Textile Recycling Option May Replace Pink Bag Program

July 19, 2020 - Our committee has been talking with the Orange Board of Selectman and presenting options for having a collection bin at the Orange Transfer Station & Recycling Center - to replace the PINK BAG program that unfortunately ended due to the pandemic.
Yes, you may be able to bring unwanted textiles, clothes and household goods to the the Transfer Station. There's a proposal on the table from Simple Recycling (the pink bag company), plus we're looking at another option. How this affects or complements the long-standing Goodwill container is part of the conversation.  
GET YOUR VOICE HEARD! You can attend (or watch on OGAT), the August 12 Board of Selectman meeting. This topic and proposals from Simple Recycling and others vendors be discussed.
Simple Recycling takes any textiles, including those that are not in sale-able condition, such as old curtains, clothing, shoes, carpeting, etc.
Goodwill takes items that are in good enough condition to sell at their thrift stores, including clothing, household items, toys, and more. 
There are many factors that go into this decision, including:
- Payments TO Orange for items collected (yes, we can make money!)
- Cost of service (if any)
- What happens to unaccepted items that are put in a bin?
- What items can be collected, and how often does a bin get emptied?
Add a comment to our Facebook page, email us, write to the Board of Selectmen, or attend the meeting. 

May 2020 - Program Ends Due to Covid-19

Pink Bag Program - Textile & Household Items Recycling

Put filled pink bags next to your recycling bin on your regular recycling day. A complete list of accepted items can be found at SimpleRecycling.com. Items include: 
  • Clothing
  • Boots and shoes
  • Belts and ties
  • Handbags
  • Hats and gloves
  • Towels, sheets and blankets
  • Rugs, curtains, sheets, tablecloths
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Toys
IMPORTANT: The pick-up is handled by Simple Recycling. The driver takes the same routes as City Carting. While the pink bags are picked up on the same day as your recyclables, it may not be at the same time.
  • If the pink bags do not get picked up by the end of your recycling pick-up day, call Public Works at 203.891.4712
  • To get more pink bags, email us
Press Release
Free Curbside Textile Recycling Service Coming to Orange

Orange, Connecticut, July 7, 2019 – Beginning the week of July 15, 2019, Orange residents will be able to recycle unwanted textiles and small household items simply by bagging them and leaving them at the curb on their regular recycling collection day. Orange is providing the new service in partnership with Simple Recycling. The service is free to residents and the town.
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than 84% of old clothes, shoes, belts, handbags, and textile items end up in a landfill or an incinerator. On average, that works out to about 85 lbs. of textile items per person each year. As a result, textiles make up more than 6% of all the residential and municipal trash in the U.S.
Solon, Ohio based Simple Recycling (www.simplerecycling.com) aims to change all that. The company provides free curbside collection and recycling of unwanted textiles and small housewares to communities across the United States. Currently, Simple Recycling serves over four million households across eight states and will soon serve residents in Orange.
In the week before the program’s July 15 launch date, Simple Recycling will send informational mailers to homes that receive recycling collection from the town. The mailers will contain free pink Simple Recycling bags.
When cleaning out closets or disposing of unwanted items, residents can place them in the bags. If a resident doesn’t have enough bags, then it’s okay to use regular trash bags that are clearly marked for Simple Recycling. Residents can then place the bags at the curb on their normal recycling collection day. Simple Recycling trucks will pick up the bags, free of charge, and leave behind additional bags.
A wide range of used textiles and small household items will be accepted, including all types of used or new:
  • Clothing
  • Boots and shoes
  • Belts and ties
  • Handbags
  • Hats and gloves
  • Towels, sheets and blankets
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Toys
A complete list of accepted items can be found at SimpleRecycling.com.
The Simple Recycling service is not meant to compete with local charities.  Its purpose is to provide a convenient curbside collection option for residents who want it.  Ultimately, it’s about keeping those items out of the trash.
Mitch Goldblatt, Town of Orange Selectman and Orange Recycling Committee Chair, said, “I urge all residents to purge their excess clothes, linens, shoes, and other textiles, and fill these pink bags so that we may expand our community recycling efforts while reducing our municipal solid waste.”
For more information about the Simple Recycling program, residents can call Public Works Office Manager Sylvie Napoli at (203) 891-4712.
Mitch Goldblatt, Chair, Orange Recycling Committee

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