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Composting is Easy, Safe and Saves Money 

Keep household trash out of landfills while creating RICH, HOMEMADE SOIL for use in your garden. It takes less than 5 minutes per day!
It may seem ‘icky’ at first, but composting creates less messy garbage. Simply keep a sturdy metal or plastic container with a secure top next to the kitchen sink and add  these items:
  • Fruit and vegetable rinds, peels, pits, and scraps
  • Coffee grinds and tea bags
  • Eggshells (rinsed)
  • Cardboard egg cartons, food boxes, TP/paper towel rolls torn into pieces
  • Paper such as this flyer
  • Do not compost: meat, bones, dairy products, fatty foods
Place it all in a pile in your backyard, somewhere easily accessible but not too close to the house, or use a composting bin. If using the pile method, cover it with grass clippings and/or leaves. Try to have about equal amounts of “green” (the scraps) and “brown” (the leaves and clippings). Occasionally turn with a shovel.

​Results and Benefits

You’ll have plenty of nutrient-rich soil within a few months!
You won’t have to buy new soil for your gardening needs, saving money and trips to the garden center, while decreasing landfill waste from plastic bags.
Whether you pay for trash pick-up or go to the transfer station, there will be far less to dispose of.


Q: Does a compost pile attract critters?
A: No. It’s rare, if ever. Keeping the pile covered with grass clippings and leaves helps.
Q: Does composting create an odor or mess in the kitchen?
A: No! If the container is kept covered and emptied at least every 2-3 days, it will not create any odor, attract insects, or cause extra mess in the kitchen.
Q: How soon will I have usable soil?
A: Within a few months! A compost pile started in early spring will yield soil by late summer.
Q: When can I compost?
A: Composting may be done from spring through the ground freezing in late autumn, and quite possibly through winter depending on location of the bin/pile, and whether it’s a mild winter.
Google “How to Compost” for more tips and videos.
Here's info from
Better Homes & Gardens.   
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