Announcement from Public Works Department

January 2019: The Orange Public Works Department reported that 40 recycling bins were not picked up due to unauthorized plastic in the bins. Malleable PLASTIC BAGS and PLASTIC WRAPS are not allowed in blue residential recycling bins, therefore bins with these items will NOT be picked up.
  • NO plastic bags, wraps, bubble wrap, packaging, etc., in the bin
  • NO plastic bags filled with recyclable items
  • NO plastic bags in mixed recyclables bin at the transfer station
  • DO PUT these plastics in designated recycling bins at the Transfer Station or local stores (grocery, big box, Kohl's). This will help keep them out of landfills, oceans, etc.
The ORC has been spreading the word for years that plastic bags are NOT to be put in the blue bins or the mixed recycling dumpster at the Transfer Station. Recycling provider City Carting has had loads rejected due to the plastic bags, so they will no longer pick up bins with plastic bags or wrap. Plastic bags jam the conveyor belts, causing repair costs and down time. As a result, Orange is being fined. 
Thank you for your cooperation. For more information, contact Public Works at 203-891-4712.

Recycling Pick-Up Days

Residential recycling pick-up is weekly, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


See map for which streets are on which day. Face the bin towards the street as you see your neighbors have it.


  • Holidays: When a holiday falls on your pickup day, your pickup will be on the next day, and the rest of the week will be a day later. If needed, Friday pick up will be on Saturday. Monday holidays will not impact the pick up schedules for the week.

  • Snow: If there is a large snowstorm where roads are impacted so the recycling trucks can’t get through, the recycling schedule will get bumped by a day, as described for holidays above.

  • Pick up may be early in the day so put your bin out the night before if desired.


Scheduling changes will be posted on Facebook as possible.


Click on map to zoom.

Recycling Pickup Day Map